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Social Media


Professional social media management combined with a comprehensive marketing campaign from The DMI Group can show your business an impressive ROI and constant business engagement!

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Social Media can be one of the most important tools in your companies marketing toolbox. Having professionally managed social media accounts with engaging and relevant content is imperative to maximizing your online presence.


Facebook & Instagram have over 1.8 billion users that spend on average 1 – 2 hours per day on their platforms. The granular nature of user data allows our agency to create specific audiences and target segments that are likely to be your ideal client base.  Below is a sample of the targeting capabilities available via Facebook/Instagram:

- Race or Ethnicity

- Age or Age Group
- Sex / Gender
- Location (Zip Code, City, State)
- Industry or Job Title
- Income
- Interests & Behavior
- Marital or Parental Status
- Political Affiliation

These social media filters make it so you can directly target the consumers in your client base. However, The DMI Group is no ordinary digital agency and we have access to proprietary technologies that allow us to go beyond those 1,500 filters including:

  • Targeting people who checked into locations

  • Matching to physical addresses of CRM lists (We achieve 50 – 80% match rates)

  • People who engaged with particular Facebook pages (liked)

  • Targeting people who engaged with content centered around particular keywords

  • Directly message those individuals in addition to the Ads served to them

There are over 2 BILLION searches on 

Facebook each day

Are YOU being found?

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