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Visually and Audibility Connecting with your Audience


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Television & Video Strategy/Production: 

Sometimes seeing is believing! The DMI Group has several strategic marketing solutions for Television and video commercial strategies.

OTT - (Over the Top Television) - With so many people cutting the cord, make sure you don't miss your prospective clients!  Let The DMI Group show you how to use OTT to reach your customers on all of their smart and mobile devices including smart TVs.  Similar to a traditional television commercial, t​his style of marketing serves advertisements through providers such as RUKU, Apple TV, on-demand and other smart and streaming devices, ensuring you hit your intended clients with precision and an increased return on investment. Thanks to our ability to use demographic overlays to zero in on exactly who you want to receive your messaging!

Infomercials –  With the assistance of our professional production team, you can create your own television show to promote your brand and products. This show will typically run multiple times in a week in designated target areas of interest to your potential clients.  This format provides a lot of creative room to make sure that your exact message is delivered to those most interested in your product or service at a price that is very comparable to other advertising formats. 

Entertainment Television – The DMI Group produces multiple television shows that you have the opportunity to sponsor or engage in.  These shows are on “must carry” tv stations meaning regardless of cable provider these shows will be in all homes with cable.  In most cases, our shows are reaching over 3.5 million households.  We can also create new shows based on ideas with your organization.

Commercials – No matter for what format, social media, standard TV, internet and more, our team can develop, produce and create high-quality HD commercials to promote your business, products, and services.

If you have any additional television or video production needs one of our team specialists will be more than glad to work with you to accommodate you. Specialists can be reached at 302-223-9448.

Radio Capabilities:

There is an abundance of other advertising opportunities available these days, and utilizing a variety of marketing methods is a great idea for a successful marketing strategy.  Blended tactics increase the brand frequency and result in an increased ROI.  With this in mind, radio stands out as the most cost-effective way to reach your intended audience while seeing a significant return on your investment. The DMI Group partners with the largest radio outlets in the world and can put the power of radio in your hands at a price that you can afford and a return on investment you don’t want to miss!

Reach -

Believe it or not, radio still has more reach than social media, smartphones, and television in the United States across all demographics and age groups! It's no secret that America still loves radio.  Importantly, radio’s audience continues to grow, adding new listeners by the millions every year. And with the increase of interest in podcasts, and more streaming audio options available...the listener base is exploding! 


Retention -

As it pertains to impacting customer behavior, nothing is currently more successful than radio. There is a study upon study, and the results consistently show that radio has a strong influence on customer behaviorRadio is never consumed passively. When we listen,  we are actually involving our attention, imagination, and our engagement. Psychologists believe this sort of cognitive processing is why radio is so much more effective at influencing consumer behaviors. 


Radio is hands down the most cost-effective medium for your advertising dollar. You will experience increased reach, more influence, and better retention. This ultimately results in better financial returns on your marketing dollars. Nielsen studies recently matched credit and debit card purchases to exposure of radio ads, comparing the lift to the same purchase data in markets where the ads didn’t run. In every measured category, they saw dramatic returns on ad spends (ROAS). Another study by Nielsen compared ROAS on the radio to all other mediums by studying specific brands. They concluded that these brands averaged a sales lift of more than six dollars for every one dollar spent on radio ads – an ROI double that of even the best results from many recent studies of digital or TV media.

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