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Let The DMI Group Transform your Email Marketing!

We understand how difficult it is to find the perfect customer. Fortunately, The DMI Group can take all the stress out of the process. Our email marketing experts can help you select the best audience, and reach them with engaging and personalized email messages. Our proprietary database includes virtually every U.S. household and U.S. Business, including extensive data that spans demographics, psychographics, geographics, lifestyle choices, shopping habits, spending behavior, and beyond.


Our highly accurate and superior data includes transactional data, lifestyle data and purchasing behaviors of 150+ million consumers. Our targeted email process identifies qualified prospects that are highly receptive to your offers and costs substantially less than other digital marketing channels. With our unrivaled consumer data, we can help you find your perfect target audience at a level that other companies can’t. Our permission-based email marketing services offer an improved, faster, highly measurable and more effective way for you to market your products and services.

Email Marketing Campaign Management through The DMI Group - 

Email Planning and Analytics – Our dedicated and seasoned email-marketing strategists will work with you every step of the way to create a targeted email campaign that engages your customers and reaches your marketing goals.

Email Campaign Execution – We offer full email campaign planning and implementation services beginning with a needs assessment and following through with defining campaign goals, audience segmentation, creative development, testing, transmission, analytics and optimization for ongoing support.

Email Deliverability – Our sophisticated email transmission software ensures excellent email integrity and email deliverability so emails avoid the SPAM folder and make it to the Inbox. Our transmission software, whitelisting, deliverability experts and IP management capabilities combine to increase email deliverability for our clients.

Email Creative – Put our creative experience and expertise to work for you and increase customer engagement. We combine industry-based, best creative practices with your brand guidelines and our creative experience and knowledge. Our email creative services include email design, email programming, copywriting and more. Our creative designs are based on your campaign goals and objectives and are customized to fit your business, culture, and brand.

Email Reporting – Our comprehensive email tracking reports provide all of the valuable data and insights that you need to run a successful email campaign. Track everything from opens to clicks to ROI.

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