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Demographic marketing is the perfect solution for advertisers that need to drill down further after identifying the core geographic market (geofencing, zip code, or city) and need to heavily engage with that audience.

Looking to Target a Specific Group of People? 

Through The DMI Group's demographic targeting methods, we have the ability to reach MANY different demographic profiles including:

- Race or Ethnicity
- Age or Age Group
- Sex / Gender
- Location (Zip Code, City, State)
- Industry or Job Title
- Income
- Interests & Behavior
- Marital or Parental Status
- Political Affiliation

How do we Layer Demographic Targeting?

3rd Party Segment

Whether you want to target a certain age group, race, gender, or income level, we have a solution to help you drill down to your ideal customer.   Through 3rd party segments, we have access to global partners who have developed their own audience categories. These segments are then shared and verified by our team to ensure they meet your specific consumer criteria. 

Contextual Categories

The DMI Group has access to over 350 contextual categories you can choose from to ensure you drilling closer to that psychographic and demographic profile.


Our team has access to over 1,000,000 websites and apps to bid on and advertise our clients’ adverts on. The sky is the limit with our demographic targeting capabilities.

When you’re layering our demographic targeting with the most advanced location-based mobile advertising, beautiful things happen.  Our geofencing technology allows advertisers to reach users wherever they go to your competitor’s locations, your own storefront, or events they attend. With our precise polygon tracking, we can target actual buildings (not just entire blocks) where your ideal audience frequents.

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