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Site Retargeting

A National Retail Federation study showed that 72% of customers abandon shopping carts without purchase. If the retailer does nothing, 8% will come back and complete the transaction. But if you actively retarget them with advertising 26% will come back and complete the transaction – a 3x lift in sales.

We work to ensure our clients experience a lift in sales and engagement by allowing you to continue speaking to those who are most likely to convert: previously engaged customers.

With site retargeting, the money you spend on print, direct mail, 

digital advertising, billboard, TV, and radio will ensure you’re continuing to speak to those people who visited your website, thus ensuring the dollars you spent on other channels are working smarter.

Advantages of Site Retargeting - 

Improved ROI:  By bidding, reporting, and optimizing campaigns at the element level, our site retargeting campaigns outperform segment-based campaigns.

Massive Scale:  Our campaigns access to inventory from all major exchanges. This enables you to maximize the delivery of your site retargeting campaigns while delivering ads at just the right time and place.

Audience Expansion:  Understand the search and site visitation patterns of your existing customers and target new prospects who browse and search online just like your client base.

Search Retargeting

Google Adwords for years has provided the best means to serve Ads to people actively searches for a product, service, or anything an advertiser wants to convey.  Choose your keywords, develop your Ads, bid on those keywords, and hit go.  But those same shoppers only spend a maximum of 1 minute on Google or Bing.

We offer full visibility and control for each keyword targeted. Just like in search marketing, the ability to vary bids for each individual keyword is a must in order to achieve optimum results.  And layering our search retargeting gives you the chance to reach those same people searching on Google Adwords or Bing Ads but at a lower cost per click.​ Search Retargeting allows you to speak to those same searchers, everywhere they go around the web.

Advantages of Search Retargeting - 

  • Can tap into search engines and search bars including Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and other popular websites and reach those people who performed a search on the 1,000’s of websites and mobile apps we have access to.

  • Targets people at the individual level….not in just user groups

  • Perform of look-back of searchers who have performed searches going back 1 hour to 30 days.

  • Utilize the same Google Adwords data and keyword history to inform the targeted keywords you can go after with our search retargeting platform

  • The expected Cost Per Click via search retargeting can be many times less expensive than the cost per click on popular search engines such as Google Adwords & Bing Ads.

  • Makes the perfect complement to Geofencing, Site Retargeting, and other Programmatic Display campaigns.

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